SewRite does not outsource our screen printing or artwork. All of our jobs are handled at our facility. We service Rhode Island ( RI ) and Massachusetts ( MA ).

Custom Screen printing pricing is based upon:

  1. · Quantity of garments being printed
  2. · Number of colors being printed
  3. · Number of locations to be printed

You are able to sit with our graphic artist to input your ideas and to see a finished layout before any printing is done.
· No film charges, · No screen charges
· Artwork charges are at the rate of $35/hour,
· Minimum ½ hour.
· We have a one time set up fee of $25.00

We quote our prices based on the cost of the garment you selected and how much it will cost to print.  Apparel Pricing is set based on the garment chosen, colors (whites, lights & darks) and sizes (S-XL, 2XL-6XL). You will get charged per shirt based on the number of colors in the design & number of locations.   Higher quantities reduce pricing.

Dark garments are more expensive for a few reasons. . Dark shirts also require an additional screen and flashing (partial drying) between colors, which slows down the production process.

12 pc. Min.         1-color print
24 pc. Min.         2-color print
36 pc. Min.         3-6 color print

Artwork -  $35.00 per hour (If applicable- includes email proof)
All media files and digital art generated remain the property of SewRite
Ink Color Change - $10.00 per color/per location 

All artwork must be submitted in the following format to avoid any artwork charges

Please submit all files at the size you wish them to be printed. Here are some basic guidelines:

Front Left Chest (Usually 2.5” to 4” wide)
Back Print (Usually 10” to 12” wide)
Sleeve Print (Usually 2” to 3” wide)

Artwork must be vector based saved as an .eps file converted to outlines. If using Adobe Illustrator - Save as version 8 or earlier.
If using Corel files – Save as version 14 (X4) or earlier saved as curves.

Email your file to

Prices do not include taxes (If applicable), shipping & handling*

* Pricing and Terms are subject to change